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Hellenic National Corpus (HNC)™:

The ILSP Corpus

The ILSP Corpus has been developed by the Institute for Language and Speech Processing. It currently contains more than 47.000.000 words of written texts and is constantly being updated. Users can retrieve parts of these texts in the form of whole sentences by making queries based on one to three words, lemmas or parts of speech. Furthermore, users can define the maximum distance between search items as well as the specific sub-corpus they wish to make queries in. Finally, users can also look for certain statistical data for words and lemmas.

The whole ILSP corpus is available on the web. A user guide, further details and more general information can be found in help.

"Hellenic National Corpus" and "Εθνικός Θησαυρός Ελληνικής Γλώσσας" are trademarks (™) of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing.

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