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Hellenic National Corpus of Greek Language (HNC)™

Hellenic National Corpus of ILSP is being developed over the last years and today it includes over 47.000.000 words, which are increasing at regular intervals. Users can display HNC sentences using up to three criteria. Searches are performed based on words, lemmas and parts of speech elements.
Among others, users can determine:

  • the maximum distance between search elements,
  • the display mode (in full sentences or in concordance table alignment)
  • the number of characters displayed before and after the search element,
  • the type of results ordering used,
  • the subcorpus on which the search is performed.

Statistical information is also provided both for the linguistic content of HNC and the user activity.

The document corpus of ILSP is provided in full in this website. For user manual and general information about the HNC you can access the Information page.

"Εθνικός Θησαυρός Ελληνικής Γλώσσας"™ και "Hellenic National Corpus"™ are Trademarks (™) of Institute for Language and Speech Processing.

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